I Want to Help!

Thrive tailors individual, group, or corporate volunteer opportunities based on our needs and your talents. Opportunities that will give you the ability to connect and empower.

Activity Group Leader

Volunteers facilitate activities with individuals or groups of Thrivers (our participants) with similar interests. Events are either on-going or one-time.

LEAD Mentor

Mentors, from all walks of life, are paired with our young LEADers to demonstrate and discuss what it takes to be a leader. The time commitment is one hour a month from October through June. Learn more about the LEAD program.

Residence Partner or Volunteer

Home is where we find the space to be ourselves and nurture our personal needs. A residence volunteer enhances that home environment whether through a beautification project or sharing an interest with residents. Opportunities can be on-going or one-time. Learn more about our residences.

Head or Assistant Coach

Develop and support our athletes through either a one-time clinic or on-going seasonal sports team. Coaching opportunities are available in a range of athletics such as track and field, softball, swimming, basketball, golf, skiing, bowling, cycling and dance, among others.

Event Volunteer

Assist with social and recreational events planned throughout the year. Help bring well-lived moments to the lives of our Thrivers and to your own life.

Organizational Leader

Professional and leadership development opportunities exist for interested volunteers. Committee and Board of Directors opportunities define and refine Thrive’s growth and evolution.

Questions? Contact volunteer@icanthrive.org or contact us here.