Thrive Weekly Update in Response to COVID-19 Restrictions

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I hope to find everyone staying safe and healthy. I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Sean Rose, the new President & CEO of Thrive Support & Advocacy. I started with Thrive on March 16, 2020. 

I have heard several times in the last two weeks that it’s a “crazy time” to start a new position. That is undoubtedly the case. But, it’s difficult times like these that the strength of an organization shines forward. What I have seen from Thrive’s team of staff, participants, and families has been nothing short of incredible. I am humbled and proud to stand with such a dedicated caring community in this time of crisis. I know there remain obstacles ahead, but when this is all said and done, you all will be lauded as the true heroes of this pandemic. 

In all my years with various organizations in this community, I have never seen a staff so dedicated to the people they support, most notably our residential staff. Before coming to the organization, I had heard about the can-do attitude of the Thrive staff, but now I see it first-hand. Where others are struggling, we continue to thrive, thanks to our dedicated staff. They are working selflessly to support the well-being and needs of our participants while balancing their own health and safety. Their selflessness has had a profound impact, and I hope you join me in thanking them for their dedication.

Now that brings me to our community. Thank you to everyone who is reaching out to support Thrive. I would especially like to thank our community partners Monnick Supply and Bouvier Pharmacy, both in Marlborough, and FLEXcon, Inc. in Spencer, MA, who are keeping us stocked with supplies when they become available. A round of applause also goes out to those who sewed face masks for our residential staff and participants. We put the call out, and the response has been overwhelming. We are so thankful to such a dedicated community and continue to need your help and support.

The Thrive Support & Advocacy headquarters remains closed, and the staff continues to work remotely until further notice. The team has been working remotely to support families and individuals in need through our Family Support Center and Individual Support programs. See the contact information below if you need assistance. We have also upgraded our technology needs to serve you better and help us stay connected. On the program side, we have a number or virtual opportunities for our youth and adult participants. Visit the Virtual Opportunities page on our website to learn more. If you have ideas for other virtual opportunities, please email Remember, we are all in this together, and we continue to be here for you in this time of crisis.

Stay connected to Thrive through our website or social media at Facebook, Twitter @icanthrive, and LinkedIn Thrive Support & Advocacy. Suggestions, questions, or concerns, email Thank you again for your patience and support through this difficult time. May everyone remain healthy and safe.