Rumei Finding Moments to Shine

Thrive’s youth initiatives for ages 7-25, are aimed at empowering young people to reach their full potential. Whether making brownies for the first time or creating a masterpiece for a special someone, Thrive’s Kid’s Club and High School After-School programs offer individualized learning and socializing through skill-building activities. Plus during the summer and school vacations check out Thrive’s bustling day camps.

Our friend Rumei Johnson is someone who has truly learned to shine with what she’s accomplished at Thrive’s after school and day camp initiatives. Before Rumei joined the Kid’s Club (now known as Thrive After School Community – TASC) after-school program sRumei and friends at the after-school initiativehe had difficulty finding the right place to meet her needs.

In the two years since Rumei’s counselor suggested Thrive Support & Advocacy, Rumei has grown exponentially. Her mother, Christine Johnson raves, “She loves Kid’s Club. She is always treated respectfully. It’s a place where she can take her attention off of things that she finds difficult and refocus to play a game, do a craft, or simply be friends with the other kids. This kind of social interaction would not happen if not for Thrive. Rumei has found a place where she can gain self-confidence and focus on her abilities.” A shout out to our amazing Rumei for showing us that she is capable of anything.