Pit Stop at NASCAR

David Howland enjoying the sights at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, Charlotte, NC.

Growing up, David Howland used to hang out at the race track with his dad, who was a pit crew member and stock car driver. He remembers being in the pit and watching all the guys work with precision when the stock cars pulled in for repairs. That is where his love for NASCAR originated.

This love recently led to a road trip for Howland and staffer Chris Ndirangu. They went down south to experience NASCAR live. After watching some of the big races on television, Howland decided he wanted to see the action up close and personal. Last year he headed off to a couple of NASCAR weekends in Loudon, NH, and the Poconos. It was such a hit he decided to try an extended trip.

Other than the long drive, the trip was a hit. After an overnight in New Jersey, they finally made it to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Charlotte, NC for race day. And boy did they get their NASCAR on, arriving at the track by 9:00 am and not heading back to the hotel until almost 8:00 pm. In those 10+ hours, they did lots of people watching, eating, and primarily watching races. David’s favorite moment, “I liked the main race. It’s 100 laps and my favorite car, #2, was racing. I think about the driver and all the things he has to pay attention to while driving. He has to decide when to maneuver his car or make a pit stop, all while avoiding crashes. There was one crash, but luckily my #2 was not involved.” Howland went on to share, “There is a lot to think about as a race car driver. It’s not easy.”

When he’s not watching NASCAR Howland loves to go fishing, another sport his dad introduced him to. “I love the beautiful scenery and especially like catching bass and trout.” David is hoping to have more opportunities to hit the track again, to watch the sport that’s been a part of his life for more than 50 years.