Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. Announces New Name – Thrive Support & Advocacy


Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. announce the launch of their new name, Thrive Support & Advocacy, to better define who they are and what they do for the participants, families, and communities they serve in and beyond the MetroWest area. Building on its success of more than 40 years, the organization
remains committed to its mission of empowering individuals with development disabilities to lead rich, active, and self-directed lives while supporting their families.

The new name comes with a fresh brand identity and position, logo, messaging, website, and newsletter. “This new representation,” says President and CEO Michael Rodrigues, “marks an exciting launch of our renewed commitment to advocacy and support seen through new leadership, expanded offerings for children, and increased demand for our individualized services.” He also asserts that this new name is simply a better definition of who they’ve always been and the spirit in which they’ve always worked.

The organization says they look forward to continuing to provide the space, support and resources needed to help individuals and their families thrive. In collaboration and partnership with local, state, and national partners, Thrive creates comprehensive systems of support, education and advocacy for individuals, their families and the communities in which they work, volunteer and interact.

They are the only organization in the area that offers such progressive social and recreational programs with transportation provided to children and adults with developmental disabilities. Thrive’s constituents receive valuable opportunities to make connections, find meaning and fulfillment in their lives and fully engage in their communities. Their families are provided the respite, resources, and support to help them do so. Future plans include extended opportunities in all of these areas.

Thrive Support and Advocacy has been, and will continue to be, a powerful agent of awareness, education, advocacy and support. “When we realize our own greatness,” says Rodrigues, “we thrive.“

Thrive Support and Advocacy is a nonprofit organization offering life-changing services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities and their families, in and beyond the MetroWest area. Through unparalleled social, residential, and recreation programs; a proactive philosophy; and unfailing commitment to constituents and their families, Thrive helps create lives filled with happiness, meaning and pride. We empower individuals to focus on ability and find opportunities to shine.

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