Good Food Means Good Mood

It is said that food is the way to a person’s heart. On the third Tuesday of every month, almost one-hundred Thrive participants have full hearts thanks to the generosity of Marlboro’s Fraternal Order of Eagles #3565. Once a month for the past twenty-five years the group, along with the Boy Scouts and other volunteers, sponsor a pasta dinner for Thrive participants.

Thrivers having fun
Thrivers socializing at the Eagles Dinner.

The dinner is a highlight of the month for Thrivers. They not only get a tasty pasta dinner with all the works including dessert, but they are also treated to an evening of music and dancing. It’s a savory evening for both the stomach and the spirit. “The Eagles dinner is delicious. The volunteers work so hard every month and make it such a special night for us,” exclaimed participant Camille Vigeant.

“It’s amazing how much these folks have done for us over the past twenty-five years,” stated Jim Karami, Thrive’s Director of Social and Recreation. “Their generosity to this community is unmatched. I am sure they can see the joy on our participant’s faces each month,” he added. Thanks to the Marlboro Eagles and all the volunteers. Because of their generosity over 100 Thrive participants have a special night out every month that they will not soon forget. If you’re interested in checking out the Marlboro Eagles dinner, email Jim at