Community Living

  • Licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services, Thrive operates four 24-hour supervised homes in the MetroWest community.
  • Individuals are encouraged and supported to achieve self-identified goals and fully participate in the community.
  • Staff members assist individuals by providing structured and consistent training in daily living:
    • money management
    • food purchases and preparation
    • laundry
    • personal hygiene
    • use of public transportation
    • positive interaction with other people
    • health monitoring and psychological services
  • Supervised social and recreational experiences are offered weekly in a wide array of areas.
  • We strive to provide training in those skills that will enable individuals to live in the least restrictive setting.

Supported Living

  • Many individuals who develop the skills and have the desire to live on their own are well-served by various supported living arrangements, renting their own apartment or sharing a home.
  • Supported Living Services are designed for those individuals who are generally able to live independently, but need some limited assistance in order to do so.
  • Thrive provides assistance in areas of daily living, recreation, and community integration.
    • Budgeting
    • Menu planning
    • Food purchases and preparation
    • Connection to family
    • Community leisure activities
    • Assistance with health issues and other areas needing attention.

Independent Living

  • Thrive enthusiastically supports individuals who live independently in their homes in the MetroWest area.
  • We ensure the safety and well being of our residents and ensure they have the confidence and resources they need to maintain their health, friendships, and social connections.
    • Recreation
    • Medical and psychological needs
    • Budgeting
    • Nutrition and food preparation