Thrive Support & Advocacy originated as Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. (GMPI). In the early 1970s a group of parents in the Marlborough area made the loving, but challenging decision, to keep their loved ones with a disability in their home. At that time, many children with disabilities were sent to a state institution. With limited support, the decision to keep their family members active in the community was bold and prescient. These visionaries knew that with support and opportunity, their children would thrive.

Incorporated in 1973, Greater Marlboro Programs, Inc. was one of the first organizations to create a structure of respite care. Demand for GMPI’s services soared. In 1976 the Commonwealth of Massachusetts developed a contractual relationship with GMPI, and from that point, our programs and services blossomed.

In 2016, after more than 40 years of service, GMPI changed its name to Thrive Support & Advocacy. With the mission of our founding parents always in the forefront, the name Thrive captured our organization’s strong spirit and proactive attitude. This attitude sees individuals for their abilities first and commits to helping them be the best versions of themselves by providing the support they need and deserve.

As we continue to grow, develop innovative solutions, and expand our reach, we are passionately optimistic about the future. Whatever that future brings, we will always respect the mission of our visionary founders: “To give people with developmental disabilities these rights: respect as individuals, self-direction in life choices, equality, personal growth, safety, and full community participation.”