For more than forty years, Thrive Support & Advocacy (formally Greater Marlboro Programs) has promoted the personal growth, dignity and acceptance of people with developmental disabilities in the MetroWest area. We have stayed true to our mission of empowering individuals to lead rich, active and self-directed lives while supporting their families.

Through our diverse and unique residential, social, and recreation programs; proactive philosophy; and unfailing commitment to the participants and families we serve, Thrive helps create and nurture lives of happiness, meaning and pride.

At Thrive, we believe we all should be defined by our strengths instead of our weaknesses. Disability does not define the participants we serve; we choose to focus on their ability by creating opportunities to succeed, in ways that support their unique spirits.

Our approach is anything but cookie-cutter; each individual is treated as such with unique abilities and specific needs. Our process walks them through the following questions to seek creative answers and open doors to discovery.

  • What can I do?
  • What do I want to do?
  • How will I plan to do it?

The answers to these questions redefine success and reframe potential in terms of what our participants believe they can do, instead of what they’ve often been told they cannot.

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